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In Search of Perfection

TELEX Design aims to solve various problems that have plagued consumer electronics for the past decade. Ergonomics and fluidity are the focus of our always symmetrical Equilibrium Designs. As the way we use mobile phones and smart devices evolve so should our phones and devices. We make products that work well contextually both in hardware and software from day one until the device's end of life.


A Revolution Of The Mind

Smartphones are becoming more and more of a natural technological extension of man. Our notifications need to be smarter by using our sense of sight more effectively. The Light Rim and Always On Display will minimize the time your main screen is on, aiding battery life, and allowing you to field your priorities in a more efficient manner. LIGHT-SPEED UI puts you in control of settings you actually want to use.



Take A Picture.

It's Easy.

Have you've ever used a point and shoot camera with a physical shutter button and a flash that fills the entire room? Such simple luxuries. Now you can say no to screen tapping and poorly lit photos. HALO I's Freeze Frame camera tech makes sure you get a still image with the ultimate sharpness and detail even in the most drastic lighting conditions: the first time. With Phase Detection Auto-Focus, Optical Image Stabilization w/ Electronic Image Stabilization assist, and 5x Lossless Zoom, apps like 24FPS 4K Movie Mode, Timelapse, VR Panorama, & Slo-Mo make the Halo Camera a mobile camera heavy weight with DSLR quality.


Bleeding Edge



The best products need the top of the line specs. That means ultra fast processors and sensors, ample RAM for multitasking, expandable SSD memory and power cells that aren't measly. The promise of two day battery life and a lag free interface have been made by companies in the past. TELEX Design plans to deliver this with our meticulous hardware/software synergy.



Multimedia Powerhouse

A bright, pixel dense 2K display? ✔

Stereo speakers that point towards you? ✔

Quad DAC 3.55mm headphone jack for high quality music streaming? ✔

Kickstand for hands-free entertainment? ✔

Full + expandable 128GB storage for movies, games, apps, and pictures? ✔

Battery to get you through the day without being glued to the charger? ✔